Up Front Pricing

HVAC Repair & Installation Pricing

What do our fees include?

  1. Field Personnel Payroll Expense
  2. Payroll Expense of Managers, Office Staff, and Support Personnel
  3. Costs of Truck Operation: Maintenance, Insurance, Depreciation, etc.
  4. Taxes: Income, Property, Business, Social Security, Unemployment Compensation, Sales, etc.
  5. Insurance: Workman’s Compensation, Liability, etc.
  6. Tools and Specialized Diagnostic and Installation Equipment
  7. Extensive Basic and Specialized Training for Field and Office Personnel
  8. Reference and Technical Manuals
  9. Expenses for Processing Warranty Service
  10. Un-reimbursed Costs for Parts, Material and Labor for Warranty Service
  11. Uniforms
  12. Office and Shop Maintenance Costs
  13. Office Equipment
  14. Light, Heat, Phone, and Utilities
  15. Employee Fringe Benefits
  16. Stationery & Office Supplies
  17. Equipment and Tool Maintenance
  18. Parts Inventory (Truck & Shop)